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Cholla wood - Safe to Eat?


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Does anyone know whether it is okay for a severe macaw to ingest cholla wood? I put a new perch in Tanner's cage Sunday - one with two prongs. Yesterday when I got home, I noticed that it only had one prong, and the end of the remaining one was chewed. I saw one small chip of the wood in the bottom of the cage, and no other trace of the missing prong: I think he actually ATE it! :blink: I'm talking a piece about 4 inches long and maybe a bit less than an inch in diameter.


He's acting normal, eating normally last night and this morning, no weird poops. I've found conflicting information in the internet so far, so thought I'd check in with the folks here.<br><br>Post edited by: LindaMary, at: 2009/01/14 16:02

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Thanks for your replies. Maybe I shouldn't be such a worrywart! I wasn't concerned about him chewing on the wood, but I wasn't sure what I should think about him EATING such a big ol' hunk of it! He must've felt he needed a lot more fiber in his diet...:huh:

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I doubt he actually ate any of it, he probably chewed it to bits and pieces that are so fine you don't notice them but just a dusting in the bottom of the cage.


I know what it is to be a worry wart, I do it too, I think all good mothers are so you have good company.

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