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Trouble with Zazo


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Tango and I are going through this right now because I've been home a lot with him lately. When he starts being obnoxious, I just leave the room for a few minutes until he hushes. If I come back and he's a good birdie, I'll let him out on top of his cage or give him scratches or something as a reward for being quiet.

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When they are young they do need a lot of attention, so this is why he is asking for cuddles and to be held. This is totally normal for a young bird.


The screaming at that age is also a way for them to say they want attention. Our female started with the screaming when she was 5 months old. Everytime she screamed we just ignored her and as soon as she made another noise that we like we praised her big time.


Ignoring the screaming is the only way, but you do need to teach her to replace the screaming with other noises that are more acceptable for getting attention.


It took us months to get our female out of the screaming and now it is so rare I can't even remember the last time she screamed like she used to.

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You must ignore any screaming,praise like mad nice sounds and teach other noises to replace screaming.If you leave the room keep in contact by calling softly to him. A simple hi Zazu when up stairs or in another room can stop screaming escalating, only call when he is quiet though so as not to reward screaming.

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