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Rope perches


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I use those rope perches and the rope boings, both my birds use them all the time and Josey, my grey, sleeps on hers every night and they are comfortable on their feet.


You have to inspect them from time to time to check for frayed threads and ends but otherwise I have had no problems with them.

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I'm the same as Judy. I have both rope perches and rope boings. I just keep an eye on them and if they start getting frayed I replace them. All of mine are on their boings a LOT. Only one of my three parrots (male ekkie) goes through boings and even then I only have to replace it about 2-3 times per year.


I think if you have perches that help keep the nails from getting super sharp that might help also. I have one "Safety Pumice Perches" in each cage which are smooth on the top and have the pumice stuff only on the sides where the nails hit. I haven't had to trim/file their nails since getting them! (can Google them and find several places that sell them now).



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