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6weeks old, proper cage?


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Should I be putting my parrot in a bird cage when I first get him/her at 6 weeks old?

My mom wanted me to keep him/her in an aquarium with bedding and a brck so he/she won't fall, and can also learn balance.:silly:


The petstore told me this was VERY dangerous, because even if I clean the cage many times a day, the bird will get sick.:sick:



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Your mom is right. The pet store is right. Your bird will get very sick without the proper temperature. The only thing that will happen in a tank is that the bird will learn how to walk. The bird shouldn't even be sold at that age. Bad things can happen and many times, they do.


Onions? what's that mean?

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Ah, that was suppose to say opinions.:blush:

My mom can hand-feed. If she couldn't, we wouldn't be receiving the bird at such a young age.


So what are you saying? The bird should be kept in the aquarium just to lean out to balance, but kept in a cage when he/she is not learning to walk?

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At six weeks old, they need a controlled temperature environment as Dave (Our Guru and Breeder) has stated.


I know you are excited about your new baby. But, please ensure you do not put that precious baby in an environment that can not provide the brooders with controlled environments, proper feeding of formula and times throughout a 24 hour period, This baby will require late night and early morning feedings. Not just 3 times a day like a human adult, it is more like a human baby that needs to be fed when they cry for food and search for that breast.


Your Grey will not be ready for a cage with very low perches until 10 weeks or so old.


I hope you have not brought this baby home yet, as you are not prepared and the baby could die in just a few days.


I am not chastising you, I am just wanting to alert you and your mom to the seriousness and responsibility of taking on this task, which is really not necessary, since the breeder could do a much better job of thus themselves. :-)

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I don't breed but if I did I wouldn't let a grey go at 6 wks just on the liabilty. Even if the person knows what they're doing it just wouldn't feel right. Only exception would be if I was selling to another known breeder. Just too much can go wrong. I'd wait until it's twice the age you want to take it. 12 wks. Then it should be cage ready and be eating seeds or pellets along with it's formula. At least then you can sleep at night cause it will eat the solids at night


I know you are eager and excited but I would definately wait until the bird is more stable and I guess you could say more "durable".

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