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cage placement


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It seems you do not presently have a Grey at this time, as I asked in your post in the welcome room room.


You do understand, that a breeding pair will not be pets, will not want to interact with you or family much etc.?


Breeders are not pets. They are very protective, private and require a place away from all the hustle bustle of a homes living room. They also require breeding boxes and you will need a ton of special equipment and education to go down the path of becoming a breeder.


I know you say you always jump in with both feet. But, breeding critters is much more than just having a pet and a ton of responsibility, ethics etc.


Do you have any previous parrot or other bird breeding experience at all? Is this more of a possible avenue for income rather than love and appreciation for the species?


I know I am asking some personal questions, but breeding any critter is a serious matter. Our main concern here and reason for this forum. Is to insure the proper treatment, health and life long placement of these intelligent sentient beings. They require and deserve a home that is able to provide all their needs both physically and emotionally. We also of course have a very friendly community here that helps as we can and develops close relationship with other members.


Looking forward to hearing a much more detailed request and explanation from you. ;-)

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Dan is right. A breeding pair are not considered to be pets. Granted I've never undertaken the responsibility of breeding Greys, but I have talked to Pax's breeder and I've read extensively on the subject. The breeding pair need a cage in a room of their own. Something quiet and as near as possible to complete seclusion.


I strongly suggest reading "For the Love of Greys" by Bobbi Brinker. There's a very detailed section on breeding these bids. Also, this forum is a great reference tool and there are a multitude of experts who will happily answer your questions. Please keep us posted.

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Dan is exactly right and asking if they could be put in your living room says that you do not know much about breeding greys. You need to do a lot of research before you try to jump in with both feet and try breeding greys.


One member you could ask is Dave007 but he will tell you the same thing Dan did only he will be a little more blunt with his advice.

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To be honest, I think a better way to "jump in with both feet" would be to rehome an older Grey first. Get some personal experience with them as an adult and as a "pet quality" parrot so that you can be a good resource to your customers. And the effort that should go into ensuring your customers are prepared and "forever" homes needs to be considered. I was going to start breeding lizards (Rankin Dragons) at one time until I realized that it would be too difficult for me to trust that the homes I was allowing the babies to go to were good enough. And that was for lizards with relatively minimal care in comparison to Greys (or any parrot). And being available after they go to a new home to the new owners...that's where having experience with them as a "pet" is needed and would make you a better breeder.


Maybe you have a good plan and have thought through all of these things. Just know that people on this board have talked through issues with so many people who are at wit's end and looking to get rid of their birds, or have just rehomed a bird with lots of baggage. We are all going to be very cautious with anyone wanting to breed if we don't feel due diligence was done beforehand. If you have done this, please provide us some more information. Right now, to be completely honest, it doesn't sound like you are prepared enough to take this on. Our first loyalty will always be to what we believe is best for current and future Greys so that's why you may get some "advice" or comments that you may take offense to.


That said, I think we'd all rather someone come here and ask questions and keep us updated on what is going on than just get upset and write off this forum, continue with their ill-prepared plan and have their future customers come here because their breeder can't help them.


Just my two cents...



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thank you for replys,first i will never take offence to anyone with the birds interst at heart and i totally understand where you come from, i do have grey experiance as grew up with them although i dont prresently have one now, i also have bird breeding experiance, i bred hundreds of australian finches(i know not on the same level as greys) i have researched and researched and researched and understand totally the responsibilty needed to breed this beautiful species. also i would just like to clarify i amnot breeding the birds for money, i love birds and the tought of raising a grey and passing on to my children when im gone that i actually bred gives me a feeling of great achievment. thanks for your replys. just to clarify i hope to be involved with the forum alot and i have nothing but the birds best interest at heart not money. regard sstewart<br><br>Post edited by: Kirstewy, at: 2009/04/09 11:03

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