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hi ..


i am having a small issue with kiki, which is basically whenever i open the cage top .. she goes up and then she flies away ... unlike keemo who keeps standing and playing with the toys he has ...


i noticed that kiki flies and then 15 minutes later when she finds that everything is blocked with either blankets or big furniture pieces she flies back to the cage ...


however in the meantime she poops almost everywhere :sick: :S ...


so do you think this behaviour will stop once she figures out that there is no place to go except for her cage top?

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Do you have a playstand for the birds?

When I let mine out they will all go to the play stand or fly to each others cages, they need somewhere to fly to! I also have a cargo net which has been a big hit.


Do you have their cages at different ends of the room?


The pooping is just what birds do, I just clean up while they are out. If they go on the playstand though this will catch most of it for you.

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