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Encouraging them to play??


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Hi everyone i was just wondering if you guys have any tips on encouraging my timneh to play?


I seem to have tried everything! Ive tried her with lots of different types of toys ive bought and made.


Ive tired things she can forage in things she can take apart, things she can shred.


Ive tried playing with them in front of her too and she still doesnt seem interested!


I just dont want her to get bored! :unsure:

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I have included a link to a thread about this very subject and you will find other good threads in the nursery and we also have a Homemade Toys & Playstands room where you will find other good ideas and suggestions.


Also do a search for foraging toys and you will find even more threads, happy hunting.



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Irishchicky: It can often take a long time for a bird to get used to a new toy. I always put it outside , near the cage, for a few days to allow them to get used to it. My bird actually doesn't use or pay any attention to many of the new toys I introduce to her. Every once in a while you hit on it though. Putting them on the outside and around the cage and leaving the door open gives the bird a chance to let curiosity kick in by their choice, as opposed to having a bunch of toys hanging all over in the cage making him increasingly nervous. Give them the time, space, and choice. As for you,,,, just patience.

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Charlie likes foot toys mostly. I just lay them on the corner of his play stand and curiosity usually get the better of it. Funny though he will usually attach it first couple of times he touches it and throw it off the cage. Then I leave it lay for awhile pick it back up and lay it back in the corner. before long he is playing with it, after he figures out it isnt going to hurt him... You should have seen him attack the thermostat cover we put on it.


He does have a big toy with wooden beads strings and leather, store bought. hanging on the outside of his cage and has nothing to do with it. but I can pull the leather stripes out and tie them into a knot and he will play with it for a long time. beats me. I think the big toys sometimes are too intimidating, especially for a younger bird..


maybe starting with small toys will help.<br><br>Post edited by: rierie, at: 2009/01/04 23:39

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