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Happy New YEAR folks ....


well, i was wondering ... when should i expect my bird TAG to start talking and make sounds?


I am not sure if this is normal or not ... but he doesnt make any sound at all .. 'except for the growling of course'....


he is 7 months old now ...

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My timneh is 14 months and hasnt started yet! Although she does squak and chirp and i hav heard her making some odd beeping sounds lol!


Some greys talk when they are 4- 6 months.


Most dont start till they are around a year.


I know one person whos congo didnt start talking till it was 3!!!


I think it all depends on the bird really. Maybe a more experienced member can help you more :)

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Mandy is right, some greys talk at a young age and some don't talk until much older like the 3 year old mentioned and a few do not talk at all. I wouldn't worry about when, if your grey will talk he/she will do so when ready.


They usually do start out with mimicing household sounds then move on to jibberish (thats what I call it) and then you will start hearing words then phrases, but just be patient.

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Every grey is different.


Oliver started at 6 months. Before talking, he did a lot of "crying", noises, etc. Then one day he just started talking. Hasn't shut up since!:P I love to hear him though.... he's so darn cute. little biased....<br><br>Post edited by: JillLang, at: 2009/01/02 19:17

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Yes, they are all so different!


My eldest grey started to whistle first but said his first words at about a year old, my middle grey is just starting to talk now and he is 10 months and my baby is about the same age as yours and except for the odd schreech is very quiet compared to the other two.


Just talk normally to your grey, he will soon pick up everyday words and will probably be a closet talker first before he speaks in front of you.

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