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Watch out for BOGUS online retailer!


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A word of caution to friends & Grey Forum participants. I visited this website: http://www.pollysperch.com/index.php


Attempted to buy a stand for my baby Grey. Gave them my address, phone, email, and credit card info, got an emailed reciept for the item. Since then (2 months ago) I have recieved no communication, they have failed to respond to 6 email inquiries, they post no phone number of their own, they have no physical address apart from "United States".


If it is an honest mistake on their part I'd love to know about it, but I suspect otherwise at this point. Watch out folks!



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Use PayPal next time. PayPal pays for the item and you will pay PayPal. It's PayPal that you will be giving your credit card info to before the item is actually purchased. As of today, it's the safest way to go. If the company you wanna buy from won't accept PayPal, find another company because beliecve it or not, a company gets their payment more quickly from PayPal.<br><br>Post edited by: Dave007, at: 2008/12/27 20:14

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Thats too bad Mingus. Your absolutely right, they are a scam.


I did a domain name lookup on them and they have their information "Locked" meaning you cannot retreive the domain names owner, address, phone or email.


True online companies that are upfront and honest NEVER have their domain names registrant information locked.


I am sorry to hear you had this bad online shopping experience.

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I've been doing some digging. It appears the company is in Massacusetts, however they're hosted here in Utah. The hosting company can be contacted here:


BlueHost.com- INC

1215 North Research Way Suite #Q 3500

Orem, Utah 84097

United States

Phone: +1.8017659400

Fax..: +1.8017651992

Email: mailto:whois@bluehost.com


I'm still digging for info. Hopefully I'll come up with a contact number for the company next.

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Greg, if you haven't already, I'd contact your credit card to do a chargeback. You shouldn't have any trouble getting a refund through your CC company, if it's still within their designated time frame. I hope it was just an oversight, and they send you your playstand.

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