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Harmful material


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Can we just make a list of All the things we're aware of that are harmful, toxic etc for a grey when making toys/stands etc


I know these:

o Teflon

o Supra

o PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) – When heated this breaks down and releases harmful gases and hydrofluoric acid.

o Silver stone,

o Most non-stick coatings when scratched/ tainted.

o Nicotine

o Heavy cleaning fluid

o Fresheners

o Self cleaning coatings – When heat applied much as PTFE

o Aerosols

o Formaldehydes

o Uric acid

o Copper (mild, only where water is concerned)

o Brass (mild, due to copper content)

o Cadmium

o Zinc

o Lead

o Chrome

o Tanned Leather (unless tanned with vegetable oil)


Any others appreciated :) x

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The above is a great list on toxic materials, in regards to toy making and playstand making you must consider the following:


The glue used to make play stands - The only one that falls under safe glue is white glue that is used in schools for childrens projects Elmers White Glue is non toxic. It does take longer to dry but is safe, and can be used with pvc pipe.


The string that we use - white cotton butcher string, hemp are the best but we must be careful that the bird cant get caught up in it.


Bells, these are not toxic but can be dangerous if they are not specfic for birds, just finding a bell and giving it to the birds can be dangerous, a bell that is for a budgie is not fit for a grey because a hook beak can get caught in the bell.


If you are making wooden toys, please be aware of what you are using for coloring, paints are toxic you must use natural products like food coloring.


Chains that are used to hang toys can be a makeup of different metals, so beware. If you want a cheap chain buy dog choke collars they come in every size and are stainless steel.


These are just a few ideas,


Carolyn & Mika

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