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Mating Behaviour


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Ice is exhibiting mating behaviour nearly every other day and he only seems to do it when my hubby is not around. I only ever touch his head, face and neck area.


At the moment I ignore the behaviour by putting him back on his perch/cage. Is there anything else I should be doing. I know that encouraging this sort of behaviour leads to further problems which I want to avoid.


Does anyone else have/had this problem?


All advice welcome:)

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Almost everyone has a bird that goes through this situation. I don't call it a problem though. Your husband has nothing to do with this situation. As a bird gets older and more hormonal, masturbation occurs at certain times ( hormonal times of the year). it's usually twice a year. Young birds go through a masturbation period or frequently and it has nothing to do with hormones. Many times, it's the owner who stimulates the bird to do this. It isn't fair to the bird. Birds shouldn't be touched in certain areas but let me say that many times, it has nothing to do with the owners.

During the time that a grey will do this, it's best to leave the bird alone and let him/her carry on with what'sit's doing. It soon passes.

The difference between adult males and females can be obvious. Males are not as aggressive when hormonal. Females on the other hand are quite aggressive, cranky, short tempered, more quiet, more alert and quicker to bite.

Different parrots do different things concerning this situation

If this conversation were to be about quakers, the major topics would be

1--the aggressive, possessive attitude of the bird while in the cage as opposed to the same bird out of the cage who is loving and friendly.

2--screeching constantly which is their way of communicating.

3--constant masturbation all year long involving toys and anything else it can rub against. This applies equally to males and females.


On the other hand there are other species parrots ( such as conures )that need stimulation from a mate in order to show sexual tendencies.


So basically, let him dowhat nature is telling him to do and be extra alert for possible aggravation from your bird.


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