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Rosie handling problems


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Hi is there anyone who could help me..!


I have had Rosie now for now for a year,i have tried nearly every thing the books have said i`ve tried various sites and videos but she is still un-touchable.!


Its becoming a bit of a down point as she is a lovely girl and shows some great good points but we just cant handle her unless your hands are in a towel.She will let you sratch her head but thats it...!


I have tried treats,praise,away from her cage..but still no luck...any advice or tips im all ears...lol



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Well, this is a tough one to call. Not knowing a lot about Rosie's background. You've had her for a year, which means you adopted or rescued her, I assume.


Do you know any of her background? Was she miss treated? Was she ever hand tame and people friendly?


With some more information, we will be able to help you in a more specific manner. :-)

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Hi Dan,


Well yes she was adopted. The people we had her from said that she was ok but it seems not. We told that she would come onto the hand but we never seen any proof of this.


We do know that she was not ill treated in anyway but thats all i can really tell you. She lets you feed her treats from the hand as i said she will step up with a towel around my hand but with-out it its a case of get the band aids out...lol<br><br>Post edited by: d1yer08, at: 2008/12/21 17:46

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It sounds like you have been doing everything you can to encourage her to trust you and your hands. Her taking treats and allowing scratches is a very encouraging sign. I know it is not the level of handling you would like, but right now that all she is allowing.


I am uncertain how you have been trying to get her to step up, other than offering your hand in a vertical blade fashion that gives a great bite target they can really inflict a bad wound on.


Rather than a towel that may be scaring her and damaging the step up trust. Perhaps you could try having her step up on the back of your hand. Go in with your your fist balled up and bent in towards your wrist so the skin on the back of your hand is drawn very tight. Only offer the tight back area of your hand coming up from below her to step up on. If she tries to bite, she will not be able to get any folds or meat and you will feel nothing. Just keep pushing under her and up slightly so she must step up.


After you have successfully performed this a few time, she will know when the tight back of the hand is coming, she may as well just step up and get it over with. You can play it by ear from then on by reading her body language if it is ok to just go in with a vertical bladed hand or the back of it.


I hope this helps. It may take more than you would like, but it sounds like she is a joy to have, whether she is a cuddle muffin or not.


They are still very interactive and add a great amount of interactivity to the family even without being able to be handled alot and spending the majority of there preferred time in the cage. As long as the cage is where the people and action are. :-)

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Great advice Dan....;)


I have tried that though...lol..!


But last night i was determind to do it so off to the bedroom we went.I let her settle and whistle away to me.

after about 30mins or so i slowly aproached her and offered my hand to get a nip....lol


But after that he finally stepped up.....YES..!

we tried it a rew times and then she climed onto the shoulder to which i was abit shocked and ready for the bite on the ear job....lol it never happened thank god.


Any way we will try it in slow stages know untill she trusts in me.....



I will keep ya updated but this is a good sign for now.

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Thats great news! Just be sure not to allow your grey on your shoulder though. One of mine can be a bit nippy and managed to give me a slight peck on the face the other day!


A lot of people do find the their birds learn better when they are taken in another room to learn step up.

They can be very territorial in their normal room.


I hope things get a lot easier for you, please keep us updated with any progress.

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You seem to have made a break through - congradulations, but as Casper said please, please don't let her on your shoulder yet a bite on the hand or arm in one thing but your face,eyes and ears have to be protected at all times.


Keep up the great workB)


Carolyn & Mika

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Great job. Have you tried offering the favorite treat on the other side of your hand, so she has to step up on your hand to get the treat? Keep her close to the perch, so she can step onto you hand, take the treat, then step back to her "safe" place. Eventually, she should just start stepping up to your hand in anticipation of the treat. It sounds like you are doing a great job and have all the right ideas. You just need something to help her over this last hurdle. Good luck.

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It's good to hear that things are going better with Rosie. There are some very experienced grey owners here and as you now know, just ask and they will do all they can to help. Can't wait to hear more about Rosie and your progress. When you get a chance if you have any pictures to share we would like to see your sweet Rosie.

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d1yer08 wrote:

She was ok today we managed a whole 30mins of step-up and down.She is showing some much better signs now.At last its paying off...:woohoo:


Wow, thats very fast progress!!


I'll bet you are feeling like a million bucks right now. :-)


Thanks or the constant updates!! Karma to you for doing such a GreYt job of making her feel comfortable and loved in her final forever home.

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