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What would you do?


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I ordered $100 worth of toy parts to make my timneh some toys. To make a long store short, the order did not arrive until a week and a half after ordering because it did not ship out until a week after the order was made. Which made me a little upset as I got no email or anything saying there was a delay. OK, I thought, at least it arrived. But when I got my order I had seven things missing. So, I email them and got a response stating that two of the items were out of stock and I was issued a refund (Again, no email telling me of this matter). They stated that they pack items together in the same bags to save on space. Ok, I thought, maybe I missed it. So, I took every piece out of every bag and still there were 5 different items (not pieces) missing. So I emailed them again, they stated again that they pack different items in the same bag. So once again, I took everything out just to double check and again, the items are still missing. I emailed them again, repeating the same thing and either I would like a refund or to be shipped the missing items. Their response was that their orders are checked twice to make sure there are no errors and my order was checked twice and passed.


Basically they are refusing to give me a refund or ship the missing items to me. I have no way to prove that they are missing. There is something about this I do not like, I am getting a bad feeling about it. Needless to say I will never do business with them again. I have no idea how I could miss these itmes anyway. I mean 100 pieces of colored wood?? or 25 plastic links?? Those items would be bigger and colorful. ::Sigh:: I hate confrontation, even by email, but this really ticks me off. So, I need some advice.


What should I do?


BTW, The total financial loss will be about $30.


Thanks everyone,


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If that happened to me and after I thought about it some there are 2 things that come to mind.


#1 is if you can find their phone number, I would call them and ask to speak directly to a supervisor or a manager. If they are not available I would ask when they would be. I would only discuss the matter with the supervisor or manager and tell them your concerns. A general worker would not be able to help you get your money back or get the rest of your shipment shipped out to you but the higher ups could.


#2 and I hate this one but some times it is best, especially if you hate confrontation. Just absorb the loss and never buy from them again. Sometimes it is worth the loss to avoid all the stress of the matter. There is a chance you could get angrier and angrier of how they conduct business and the stress factor in many cases is not worth it. Perhaps report them to the Better Business Bureau, too. Companies should not be allowed to get away with this:angry:


I probably would call the supervisor of the company first and get a feel for how it might go. After that phone call you would be able to see if it was worth pursueing further.


These are only my opinions. Others might have some better answers for you. Good luck:)

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First of all - welcome to the forum, Jennifer!


I agree with Baxtersmom.


Also: I have a "secret" (ha!) policy that serves me in such situations. I mentally pay myself $100 an hour for my time. I have never really earned that much at any job I've had, but that's at least what I think my time is worth. If I can spend an hour and save myself $100, then it's worth the time - otherwise I let it go. This has helped me let go of a lot of aggravation with foolishness such as you are experiencing from this company. I'd spend the ten minutes to talk to a supervisor/manager, but no more. Then I'd report them to the Better Business Bureau and be done with it.


Good luck!

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Hi Jennifer, if after contacting the defaulting company by telephone you still do not receive adequate satisfaction, I would then contact my credit card company and tell it of the situation and see if it will let you deduct the amount of the goods you did not receive and if they will likewise not pay the defaulting company that amount. Unless you contact your credit card company it will not know there is a problem and perhaps your card company can get this resolved for you. Good luck.

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Hi Jennifer,


If you don't mind my asking, what online company gave you that kind of poor customer service?


Believe me, when word of mouth spreads about an experience such as yours from a NMAED website, people start avoiding that site and they either change their ways or slowly go out of business do to that type of poor service and outright theft.


I purchase a lot of toy building stuff from Windycityparrot.com. Ant time they do not have the quantity of an item I order. They email back as soon as they start processing the order and 1) Let me know there's an issue 2) Normally offer something similar, most times better and give an additional small quantity for the inconvenience. Now that is good customer service. :-)

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Sorry it took so long to reply, we have been busy with the holiday's and all.


I emailed them one more time asking for a phone number to call and have not received an answer. It has been about a week since I sent the email. When I get home, I am going to contact my credit card and report them to the business bureau.


The website I am having problems with is busybird.com.

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Jennifer -


Thanks for providing the name and Dan, thanks for asking for it.


I found this on aboutus.org:


Busy Bird, Inc.

PO Box 491

Bradenton Florida

United States 34206



Hopefully someone answers the phone!


Let us know how it works out.

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