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Welcome to our Lost & Found Room


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Welcome to our Lost & Found Room! :)


I hope you never find the need to use this room, but if the unspeakable has happened and your bird has escaped, we are want you to be able to access some quick advice to help in the safe return of your bird. We will be compiling information here that may help you in rescuing your bird should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need it. We have had a few members here who have had their bird escape and spent days trying to coax them down out of trees, ect.



I would also like this room to be used in following any rescues in progress. We are here to offer support as well, and any experiences you have will be helpful to others to follow.


We LOVE all our birds here whether they belong to us or not. We have that bond that makes us feel like extended family and care for each other and our birds. The support you will receive here, will be a comfort in any situation that you find yourself in.


Penny /aka Talon

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This is really a good room to have now. There are several members here that have rescued Greys and other species. This will provide a quick way to find important information and help when dealing with a newly rescued Grey, lost bird etc.


Thanks again Penny!! :-)

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