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Weird Bobby parrot

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My African Grey has "his food and water bowls weighted with marble eggs, otherwise he picks them up ,throws them to the bottom of the cage and laughs. If I  forget to replace egg or he is feeling extra strong then it ends up on floor of cage. Why does he then sit with wings shielding bowl or egg?. He or she is about 18 years old and never laid an egg so assumed a male but this action confuses me. Also what is the chicken leg thing he does on bottom too as if looking for worms? 

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Greetings and thank you for joining the Forums..I suggest you replace the egg shaped marbles with a different shape.Your fid probably think it's a egg. They sell weighted bowels. African Grey Parrots will "chicken scratch" at the bottom of their cage or on the carpet. This is a normal behavior for them as in the wild, they do this to loosen dirt and mud. We love photos, thank you and welcome...Jayd

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