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Joey Tries to Pull a "Houdini"....


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Hi, Maggie here....After a long night, I was not ready to get up and start the day as early as Joe was🙄😝....so I was trying to ignore him when he went into his cage-rattling, "let's start the day" mode. After 15 minutes, he won and I got up to set up his breakfast before getting him out....

BOY! Was I surprised to pass his cage and find that he had rattled his dish door open and was trying to squeeze out between his food dish and the opening 😁🙄....Once he saw me and realized he was caught, he snuck back in and waited for me to open the door...hahahahaha!

By the way, he has also developed manners. When he is done eating, he requires a napkin so he can beak it and clean his beaker and mouth...He will take the paper into his mouth, gum it a few times, and drops it. The napkin will not be torn or shredded at all. He just likes to keep a clean mouth and beaker.😍

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Corky is on her forth cage in 17 years. She has been able to open every cage she has ever had including this one.

We are down to twist ties and clothespins. We may have to weld her doors shut.

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