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Performing Amazons

Ray P

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When it comes to preforming  parrots the Amazon parrot sits at the top of the list.

They are a very animated species of parrots and are often called the clowns of the parrot world.

They have a in your face attitude, Are very hormonal when in season and unpredictable behavior can make them very hard to live with if not socialized.

Still they are said to be the easiest parrot to train. Their out going attitude, their animated personality and their intelligence along with talking ability makes them a joy to watch.

It takes a special person with parrot experience to work with these amazing parrots.

They are very loyal and if not properly socialized become a one person parrot.

Food for thought:

You can take the best person in the world and if you look hard enough you can find something bad about them.

You can take the worst person in the world and if you look hard enough you can find something  good about them

What you find depends on what you are looking for.

When you have a Amazon look for the good and you will find it.544.jpg.40c01a20e03a86c4ecbee113b302e505.jpg523.jpg.517e2e7278e0ea41e4b0aeeb0bf7027a.jpg

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