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Who are we? We'll we're members of the Grey Forms. Why are we here? We'll we're here to learn, share, have questions of concerns answered (hopefully answered). Why else? Ah, to teach, to pass on knowledge and things we learned, to comfort our member friends and share photos and life..

Every member has knowledge to pass on and experiences to share.. There are some members who have so much to offer, yet we never hear from them, it's sad, they have so much to offer. I see hours, sometimes days go by before a question might be answered..I don't want to be a "lookie-loo" or the few "contributors". Take a minute to say "Hi" even if you don't have a answer..Your combined knowledge could power the world..All you older members, I could post wonderful and helpful posts you've made, why not instead give a couple minutes of your time to pass on your help to others?

Remember when you first joined the Forum? and some one reached out to help you....you're ALL needed. Okay, my soapbox just broke...Rev. Jayd


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To teach, support and encourage, to share the good and the bad, to listen, be happy and cry with and for  our extended family.

A feather brought us together, and it was a red one at that.

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