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Joey's Full of Surprises....


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I do not know if it was because it was the 4th Wednesday of the month, the moon and the stars aligned in a certain way, or the ambient temperature was a warm 86 degrees with 17% humidity in the house but Joey surprised us yet again...O.o:PI was taking care of Jay and Joey had flown over to Salsa's cage to see what was going on...Joey going into Salsa's cage is reason enough to go wow since it took him over 10 years to even approach and enter the cage...9_9

When he realized what we were doing was not something he was really interested in, he ventured further into the cage and began to play with Salsa's toys and bell!!! Who are YOU and what did you do with Joe? :o:PHahahahaha! All this was happening while Salsa was sitting on my shoulder, staring at Joey and whining.....Maggie

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