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Need Well Tamed African Grey Parrots For Sale Text(571-775-1061)


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We are skilled breeders of well tamed African grey parrots for sale. Have you been in search for African grey parrots for sale? We have available the finest quality African grey parrots for adoption to new pet loving and caring homes. Our African grey parrots for sale are properly trained to meet the standards of African grey lovers globally. If you have been in search for African grey parrots for sale, look no more for you have found the right place for your desired African grey parrots. We have available both male and female African grey parrots for rehoming. We are a passionate aviary oriented family and we are so attached and have a strong bond to African grey parrots that's why we passionately engage in the most skillful breeding of African grey parrots. Our African grey parrots are properly tamed and clearly stand out in the intelligence sphere of African grey parrots. Our African grey parrots have a large vocabulary of about 1,500 words and can speak in different voices. That is to make you understand how hugely our African grey parrots have been tamed and taking out such dedication to breed these lovely and adorable African grey parrots comes with the passion, commitment, positive drive and energy combined with the genuine pursuit and crave to achieve excellence in breeding lovely African grey parrots for rehoming. Taking all that into consideration, we are only interested in giving out our charming African grey parrots to pet loving and caring homes that are willing and ready for them. African grey parrots are lifetime pets and have a life span of up to 70 years. When it comes household pets, African grey parrots are most outstanding due to their natural ability to speak out many words and communicate across easily. And also their stand out tendency to live for so many years. So having an African grey parrot means having the double advantage of pet intelligence and longevity. Once more, if you have been in search for an African grey parrot for sale, you are at the right place and at the right time. Our aviary does not only engage in breeding the best quality African grey parrots, we also closely engage in making the whole acquisition process of an African grey parrot most convenient and well coming. With us you are not only getting a well tamed African grey parrot but also getting along the best possible guidance in taking care of your beloved African grey parrot. That is why we strongly encourage you to get your desired Congo African grey parrots from our aviary so you can readily enjoy the extra benefits and leisure that comes with getting an African grey parrot. Our baby African grey parrots are parent started, this enables them to obtain the appropriate crop flora and robust immune system that only the parents can supply. Our African grey parrots are then lovingly hand raised in a family environment on Kaytee Exact formula. Our African grey parrots are Weaned on soaked seed, pellets, grains, fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables. You must note that African Grey parrots require more sunlight than the average parrot to aid the conversion of vitamin D to its active form. We have more than a decade long experience in the breeding and taming of outstanding and lovely African grey parrots so be rest assured of the quality of African grey parrots you are getting from us. Taking pride from the story of Marko, there are way too many reasons to acquire an African grey parrot from me ranging from affordable prices and taming guidance. Selfless and kind have you heard the story of Marko, In 2008 a 7-year-old, African grey parrot named Marko, was found outside of the same hospital that his owner was staying in. John Greene, got a phone call one morning on his cell phone. He was shocked when the person at the other end told him he was standing outside of the same hospital he was a patient in, and had his African grey. The lovely African grey parrot seemed sad and had been moping around his house before deciding to do something about it. Marko, made an arduous 2-mile hike to the hospital that included crossing a nature reserve, stream and busy 4 lane highway. Though it’s an exceptional story, Marko is by no means an exception to the rule as most African grey parrots love to help out. This is one of the prime reasons i devoted my private time in breeding and taming African grey parrots. To inquire about our African grey parrots available.
Text us at 571-775-1061
Email us at africangreyhome90@gmail.com.
Visit our webpage at https://snowdustaviary.wordpress.com/available-parrots
Check out our lovely African grey parrots for sale. We believe quality is the most important aspect to be considered when purchasing an African grey parrot. We offer ongoing support with all our African grey parrots. African Grey Parrots are loving, playful, have the intelligence level of up to a five-year old and bring joy and laughter into the lives of all who have the pleasure of knowing one. African Grey parrots are known as the "Einstein's" of the parrot world because of their incredible talking ability.
Follow and like us at https://facebook.com/Snowdustaviary.



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