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O.o FYI, a smorgasbord: Cut the tip off and lightly boil the carrot it beings out the nutrients... Feed less spinach than other green leafy veggies, it has a lot of natural salt,,,If you feed pasta or rice, rinse before serving,,, Raw pasta and raw veggies pasta are okay for our fids...Yogurt is OK for our fids, it's missing one of the enzymes found in dairy...Low fat milk as in the small amount they receive when we share our cereal is okay, in Moderation...Moderation and Acclamation, is the cure and prophylactic to a healthy Parrot...If everything you feed your parrot follows the rules of moderation and acclimation, you'll have one healthy bird. Moderation means how much initially. Acclamation means how much over the life of your bird. We all feed our fids too much...we need to reduce the amount of food and treats we feed them. Just as important is the total amount of any one thing we feed our fids over their lifetime. Example: that small amount of salted chip we slip them each year will not hurt them  at the time. But the amount of salt accumulated over a lifetime can kill them.

To be continued:

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