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Would You Like To Experience Handfeeding?


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:) This is fun...How would you like to experience hand-feeding with your Grey without having to actually getting a new bird?

What you need is Cream of Wheat, a thermometer, and a spoon. Mix up some Cream of Wheat with water cook it but not a paste,  slightly runny (not too thick). Heat until it is no less than 105 and no  more than 109 degrees Fahrenheit. On a table, put your Grey in front of you and hold a spoonful to the beak. It won't take long before the Grey realizes and starts gulping it down, reverting to its childhood...If you are lucky the Grey may even hold its wings out and bob..at the worst case, they'll just eat it or walk away...Three or four teaspoons are plenty, It also helps in bonding.

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When I first got Sterling Gris he was a young one and I finished his handfeeding.   Ana Grey watched and finished off the food.  They bonded because of it.  I think Sterling thinks Ana Grey is his Mama.  She is the leader and Sterling Gris who is twice her size believes she is his boss and follows her around.

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