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Pink Zeebra


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Hi.  Have any on you heard of a company called Pink Zeebra?  They just started sales in Canada and they say their products, mainly melting wax to scent your home, is 100% pet safe.  My neighbour has started selling it and I'm intrigued.  I just wondered if anyone here know anything about them.

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The biggest safety issue with candles is the lead used to keep the wicks upright when it burns lead is released into the air. I am sure some of the scents may be detrimental but the lead is dangerous to birds.

Quoted form Nature Chest
"Scented candles, potpourri, incense, plug-ins, as well as other products containing a high concentration of volatile oils (essential oils) can cause either stimulation or depression of the central nervous system, as well as possible irritation to the eyes, nose and upper respiratory tract, depending on the oil and concentration used. Birds are very susceptible to the effects of inhaled volatile toxins, including essential oils. Any volatile oil (fragrance) has the potential for causing illness and possible death in birds. Obviously the concentration in a product and the length of exposure are factors to be considered. Many manufacturers have started making their cleaning products more pleasing to the senses by including these essential oils also. Products containing a high concentration of volatile oils should be avoided completely if you own a bird. Usually the more "perfumey" the smell, the more toxic the product."

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Thanks.  My neighbour wasn't able to get a satisfactory response from head office, so I've told her I can't risk it.  The only reason I considered it was that when I was sitting in her house a couple of feet away from a melter I didn't get an immediate headache the way I do with most fragranced things.  I was there for over an hour and no headache, no sinus problems.  But our birds are even more sensitive than me so I'm not going to try it.  Thanks for your responses.

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