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My Thanksgiving Message


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People sometimes think about what they don't have,  but I submit to you, think on those things you do have.

Friends, Family, Health and a myriad of things I could list here.

As an example, I thank God I have sight, and hearing and just the ability to walk around as a normal human everyday. 

Be thankful for what everyone takes for granted.


The place I returned from, most folks don't have that luxury.


Be Thankful for the time you have to spend with the folks that are alive and you still have the time to make amends, for one day you will not.

But most of all give thanks to God for giving you one more day to do the right thing.

I pray for the ones we lost, I hope their families can find a way to be thankful for there efforts in keeping everyone safe as can be.


And most of all I am thankful for each and everyone of you for helping me get Sukei home.

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Make no mistake, I know im new even after a few years, and ill have to earn yall's respect, but the site was dying and we just saved it.

I wish there was a few computer guys here, I could share the code with, that was backed into this place and could understand it.


Google understood it and marked the place. Now everything is HTTP encrypted, and is not at much risk as it was.


Make no mistake, no mater how good you are, no matter how many security protocols you put in, your still at risk,  however, its like car thieves, if the door is locked they move on to the next one.

Soft targets.

I hope the protocols we put in here will stop this kind of crap.

But as I said, Im thankful for all of you for helping me get Sukei home.


Ill be forever grateful.



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This site had a host of problems and I am trying to get used to the new format, will take a while but it looks good and we are grateful you took the time and maybe money to get this site cleaned up and running. I agree that there is always someone out there who is learning to hack even the most secure sites, the more security we utilize the more the hackers work to undo them, kind of a game to see who can do it first but we do appreciate what you have done for us. It does make us happy to know this forum may have helped in getting Sukei home to you as no one of us would have wanted to have to leave our beloved companions behind when moving to another country, knowing you both are happy is enough, thank you.

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I really admire you for all that you did to get Sukei home, and I'm grateful for your efforts in updating the forum.  I know this site isn't as active as it used to be, but maybe now that we're not getting flagged by Google we'll get some fresh members around here to liven things up.  I'll never stop checking the forum for updates because you all were so helpful to me even before I brought Dorian home.

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