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Why I love GreyForums


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GreyForums has very little traffic as the 4 or 5 of us know.   I'm also on Avian Avenue and rarely post because there's too many there.    So today, I was perusing the 'African Grey Parrots' group on FB as I do the 15 or so bird groups I'm subscribed too and came across this posting which I felt compelled to reply to.  Check out my conversation which got me banned.   Pictured is a thread off the main topic where 'Joshua' got his little feelings hurt because he decided to tie one on with a far-right leaning individual and lost.   However Joshua is in good with the mods so of course cronyism is in play here.   I took him to task for his liberal misuse of the term snowflake...and got myself banned.

oh...I'm the dude with the cute little Caique as an avatar



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42 minutes ago, Timbersmom said:

First I put "ha-ha" as a reaction, then reconsidered. I didn't want to hurt your feelings and get banned... ;)

Not sure I'm in good enough with the mods to get you banned xD

I hardly ever comment in that group, I usually just look at Greybies and watch videos, mainly gawking at all the fabulous talkers while mine sits here mute as a brick (grrrr...).  I didn't see what started Joshua's rant (which is not shown in my pic)  but seeing what happened to me, maybe the other guy wasn't such an ass after all.  I'm guessing  ol Joshy can't seem to take what he dishes out so he runs to the mods and whines.  I was really surprised I got the boot from those two comments.

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Facebook is facebook, yes it is full of all kinds of people but that's why I don't have a large amount of friends, I am very selective of who I friend and I do not hesitate to cull those who I find unacceptable to me but you know sometimes people open their mouths before their brain clicks into gear and that is where you get into trouble. Groups are usually where you find most of these flaming comments so I usually don't comment in those, sometimes its fun to see how comic some of them can get.


I am so sick of all these people offended by whatever, it seems anything and everything is offensive to someone at any time, people used to have their own opinions and everyone got along respecting each other's opinions but now it seems you have to be so careful of what you say because it may offend someone, well all this offends me so back off. I am who I am and I believe what I believe but I respect other people's right to their own beliefs so why can't everyone else do the same. I apologize for nothing, if you can't accept me for who I am then leave me alone, keep your opinions to yourself, I take no prisoners.

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