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This will warm you....


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Greetings! Spock here typing for Jayd....

As some of you may recall, our oldest son passed away a few years ago and we keep his urn on the end of the long L-shaped bar that separates the living room from the kitchen next to the wall. It is a plain, unassuming grey marble urn a little over a foot in diameter. Quite a few times, unexpectedly, and never knowing when, Joe, our Grey, will fly over toward the urn and land about three feet away. He bends forward with his head turned to the right (Like he is bowing) and walks sideways while talking to Jayson "Hello, How are you?, Give me a kiss..." When he reaches Jayson, he touches his beak to the urn while making kissing sounds and asks him "How are you?"

The last time that he did this, he did something unusual...he mumbled something to him, paused, cocked his head, and answered "Okay". Then he said, "Gotta go now...okay. See you later. I love you". When he backed up approximately three feet away, he gave him another kiss, said "Bye-bye" and flew away...like nothing happened...
Only you can interpret this as you see fit...we take some comfort every time this happens....Grey cognition is amazing! In some of your research and study into Greys, a number of references can be found regarding telepathy...B|

P.S. this has been re-written three times due to tears...LOL

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