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seed mix or course mix ?


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just a question regarding parrot food. i have always fed my grey the normal seed mix with sunflower seeds and also give her about 5 moneky nuts each day as she loves them.

im thinking about changing her diet as someone told me the seed mix is bad for them and monkey nuts are also bad for them. thing is she loves sunflower seeds and monkey nuts.

her food is similar to this picture https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1bWlOkblxL._SL1500_.jpg

would it be good idea to change her diet to something like this https://www.parrotessentials.co.uk/harrisons-high-potency-coarse-complete-parrot-food/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA84rQBRDCARIsAPO8RFwVDaJpmnzZPsQ1kNeSRQ8kB669iQ0VzB5pkEVXUrtDUBCeB2TzZxEaAlRjEALw_wcB

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B|Greetings, (Maggie (Spock) writing for Jay)... If I may, We feed mainly "Volkman's Large Hookbill [Saffron], There are many good foods out there. Over the years we have fed our fids many different forms of food, please check some of our past posts. An excellent pellet is "Harrison's". We still feed our fids a warm dinner which is usually some type of veggies, warm sweet potatoes, rice, pasta, chicken, chicken bones with meat, scrambled egg, etc. (you get the idea :D) They also eat off of Jay's plate (not mine LOL what I eat might not agree with them LOL) like Cheerios, Bran flakes, quinoa with kale (cooked), kale slushes, brown rice with swiss chard and tofu, fish, salmon, cod, halibut (bites), and their favorite, Tuna sandwich on 12 grain bread (LOL)...We make sure they have non-colored pellets, only vet-ordered supplements, no added salt, salt-free, no added sugar, no monkey nuts, (ONLY human grade roasted unsalted nuts). Concerning peanuts, we do not serve them too often because of high cholesterol and fat content. Sunflower seeds....very, very, very few...they are fattening and addictive...they are excellent for a training treat (3-4 a day). Pistachios (roasted no-salt) are an occasional great treat. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) occasionally (once a week) are good because they bind good vitamins from the parrot. Walnuts are excellent and three almonds a day will turn your parrot into an Einstein :D

Touchy subject: In the early years, I gave Red Palm oil very rarely and in the last ten years, I have not given any at all. Most of the red palm oil is not from Africa, it is from Malaysia. The soil in Africa and Malaysia is totally different from each other and because of this, the quality and nutriment content is very different. There are acres of red palm farms in Malaysia. It is also full of trans-fat and cholesterol which can cause fatty-acid disease. If you wish to use an oil, virgin olive oil or a top grade canola oil are good. This is what we cook with. We only feed them whole-grain breads when they get a treat or a bite. A nice treat is a small bite of whole-grain bread with a little olive or canola oil on it. As a trade-off for red palm oil, feed them a vitamin E green veggie.

You have to research and decide what you want to feed your fid...I or anyone else should never stand on a soapbox and tell you this is what to feed them. So, use a Chinese menu format...:)....one from column A, one from column B....or all from column A or B...Be creative...Greys cannot live on one food alone B|


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