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advice on uv light.


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hi could someone please explain if uv light are good for greys, and do these uv lights also give off heat to keep birds warm?

was reading up on them and read they are not needed and other sites say they are a must if your bird dont get sunlight.

im looking for something that will help my bird but also keep her warm.


this is the one i was thinking about buying are they good ?




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I believe they are a must if your bird doesn't get much natural sun. I haven't had any experience with the one in the link you posted. This is like mine https://smile.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-AvianSun-Deluxe-Floor/dp/B006L49LHC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510169500&sr=8-1&keywords=avian+sun+deluxe+floor+lamp which is flimsy but has actually lasted several years. I get the zoomed bulb that goes with it.

They produce very little heat so won't help with that.

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:D Greetings all, Jayd here. UV, if I may, Our CAG's don't receive much Vitamin D from food or supplements. CAG's receive Vit D from sunlight, as little as 2hr's a day works, with artificial lighting you need 8hr's. When the Grey preens, they wipe their beak across their " uropygial gland ". I have found out over the years, if your house is lighted with "Daylight bulbs" they seem to work. If you use the "Zoo Med" make sure it's not for reptiles...B| Warm, if the temperature around your Greys cage is 72 or above don't worry, their wild temp get's lower than that.:)


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