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I think Sukei needs a friend


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Sometimes it seems, he gets a bit lonely. Now that were home, and there are not the logistical issues, I was thinking about getting him a play mate.

That being said, not sure if I should get him a girl friend.....there would be issues of Sukei Jr's running around all over, and not sure if another male would piss him off LOL.


Any thoughts or advice?


Also, take into account, he is a real African, I mean he came from Africa, not exactly domesticated :)

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I love the idea of getting Sukei a friend.   My manager at work can't figure out why his grey is plucking and having issues, even though I've told him it's because the Grey is home alone all day for 10-12 hours a day.  I'm not sure how you go about finding a Grey that Sukei will click with.   No idea on the male vs. female.  I know with my pigeons, I have certain pairs I don't want breeding so I have dummy eggs to replace their real ones.  That works to suppress their egg laying and preserve the hens health.

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LOL, never thought about dummy eggs, that is smart thinking. That's why I love this place, you just cant get that kind of information from Google.

Sukei, is ok, he does not pluck, but he definitely has an African wild streak in him. He bites more than your average domesticated grey, but I have learned some tricks for that, and I don't take it personal.


The way I got it figured is, If I was snatched from my home thrown in a box with 14 other people with no food or water, put on a ship and traveled for two weeks, and 10 of the 14 people died in transit, Id probably lash out now and then too.

He was worth saving after all he had been through.


Now, I want to change the narrative for him. He survived and has a decent home, just want to make things better for him.


Thanks for the advice. Ill continue to research it.

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