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What do you feed your Fid's


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:cool:FOOD: What do we feed our Fids? Do we still feed our Fids what we fed them 3 years ago? 5 years ago? This subject is controversial, it's selective, it's personal and biased. For ground rules, we're- going to have to be 99% opened-minded, willing to listen, and think outside the box.


This thread isn't about "Who's right", it's about what's good and what regime fits each of us as individuals. Share your thoughts and ideas, speak your mind, pass on what you've learned, and have fun. Some of you on-lookers should join in. Check out this Thread...There's tons of good posts, some really good articles, and advice.


Joe and Salsa: what do they eat or don't eat? Some of you may remember our feeding habits of four years past. Due to mishaps I was able to sit back full-time and observe a number of different parrots and their living and eating habits. I have been able to observe the types of food, how it affects their attitude, their poop, their feathers, and their mental condition.


Up until recently, besides Joe, Salsa, Pistachio, and Buddy and two different species of Cockatoos including a Triton and a Lesser, when I realized what was going on and what I was seeing with my own eyes, I began choosing what they would and would not eat. With vet visits, their blood chemistries, their medical and mental conditions are all a-okay. As a matter of fact, their poops looks like the perfect picture of what you see in books, the perfect mixture of each element. Their feathers are gorgeous...Joe. who is at a bad age, is coming out more instead of slowing down and contemplating his navel. He is more alert, authoritative, his feathers are beautiful, his concentration levels are stronger and longer, he knows more of what he wants, and he exerts himself to Maggie, I, and the other fids instead of backing down and reverting to nail biting. Salsa is just arrogant...she can't wait for her meals and none of the birds gag them down. They all have also set up their own routines of when and what they want to be fed.


Now to the goodies: hold your breath....their main meal is Volkman Large Hookbill seeds (Safflower mix-no sunflower seeds). We purchase this on Amazon...OMG! Seeds! This is their staple and in their cage 24/7. :)

For breakfast, Joe enjoys his small chunked apples (must be Red Delicious ONLY - other brands have been tried and rejected with a major attitude for the rest of the day), six or seven unsalted, shelled pistachios, and occasionally 4-5 dry Cheerios, plus, for dessert, he has his own boxes of veggie rotini and spaghetti pasta that are kept at his daytime window station so he can help himself whenever he is in the mood. Salsa has her small amount of apple, a walnut, occasionally Cheerios, and a small piece of 12 grain bread with a light canola butter spread. (Canola instead of palm oil because there is no transfat or saturated fat).


Lunch and dinner will consist of food from our plates like chicken, scrambled egg, beans, assorted veggies, unsweetened apple sauce, etc. Dinner for them (all in small portions), includes rice, cooked pasta, garbanzo beans once a week, cooked carrots...made specifically for them. We do give them a bite, once a week, of unseasoned beef, chicken bones, and they do eat from our cereal bowls, including the skim milk in the cereal, or hot cereal such as oatmeal or cream of wheat. Also in their stock food pile, we include a seeded grape when available (ONE), and a chunk of pomegrates which they love to hold and eat. Salsa love to have a chunk of banana but she likes the top part so she can hold on to the stem while she eats the inside. Once in a while they will eat sweet potatoes but it is mainly more Salsa than Joe (he will only eat it if it is the fourth Tuesday of the month in months that end in Y).


Question: why have we changed so dramatically from the food we swore by not too long ago. 1) Health (poop, feathers, attitude), 2) They eat it and they have a variety of different textures and items to choose from, 3) Convenience 4) Waste and spoilage...very little. Let's get this boat a-rowing....


Get a post in....

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Basically my parrots eat the same as yours, I cook up the ingredients and bag it and freeze. Fresh veggies and fruits as I have in the house. I am a big veggie eater so they get oodles of veggies. Chicken bones/ribs when I have them. I keep pellets in their cages just in case I am unable to feed them as I live alone. They have seeds and such in their cages always. Sterling Gris is my big talker so he reminds me when to feed them with a "Feed me feed me, I'm a starving birdie." as he is loud enough for my neighbors to hear; I comply.

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