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Who's in charge here???? Indeed!!!


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They say our fine feathered friends, unlike our faithful dogs and owner cats, will not be domesticated for another 20,000 years or so. However, if domesticated means they can wrap you around their talons, I say…they already are. Anyone who has a parrot companion can probably tell you that the line between owner and servant can be blurred around them…I tell myself that I am their flock leader but wind up doing things that make me stop and shake my head…

Case in point: Joe, Salsa, Buddy, and Pistachio all have a routine going…in the morning, Buddy and Pistachio wait impatiently for me to let everyone out of their cages so I can change their seeds, water, and supply them their fresh vegetables and an occasion treat of toast or popcorn. Joe immediately starts demanding a “good nut” and Salsa flits from here to there, stirring everyone up and then settling on my shoulder to watch the fireworks. After Joe gets his chopped apple, pistachios, and some raw spaghetti (his good nut), Salsa gets her apple and toast, and everyone has been fed, I feel like I had run a marathon and I had not even had a chance for coffee. This morning, Joe decided that he was finished with his plate and started picking up the corner and dropping it. I told him to wait just a minute to which he replied “Come here!”. I was trying to finish my final assignment due today for my class and did not jump up to see him…he again said, “Come here!” a little bit more forcefully. I again told him to wait just a minute and went back to my work. Apparently, frustrated with my answer, he began to pick up his plate and dropped it on the top of the fridge (his morning eating station). When I did not immediately jump, he increased the volume and speed…Boom! Boom! BoomBoomBoomBOOMBOOMBOOM…There went my concentration and the peace and quiet I had for a short time…ARRGG!! I know I saw a glimmer of smugness when I went out and picked up the plate….Who is the slave now? :D

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