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As you may or may not know Equifax was hacked,




and now there is a possibility your information is on the dark web.


This has happened to me before, so I have some experience with it.


The DOD database was hacked a few years ago, and all of our financial info was out there on the dark web to see and rip off or be sold.




Protect yourself by locking up your credit reports (All 3), it costs about $35 total, and $35 to unlock.


Upside is no one can open accounts in your name without you getting a phone call.


The downside is, if you want to apply for credit, you have to unlock them again.




In the 10 years I was in the middle east 6 attempts were made to open accounts in my name, all failed.




Here are the links if you should wish to avail yourself of the advice.









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Well, talk to someone that has had their identity ripped off, it sucks.


Those are all valid links, you can google them yourself.


$35 bucks is a cheap insurance policy, all though I agree the system sucks, but it is what it is.

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Did you happen to hear that some of the insiders were able to sell off their stock before the announcement went out and Equifax stock tanked? Not sure if it's fake news but if not, I'm hoping there is some long prison time for a few rich aholes.


Yea I did read that, however the system is what it is, and I choose to protect me and my family.


Its just like the rules for the Grey's I've fought (To save Sukei), even though they were put in to protect them, sometimes they hurt them.


Everyone has there own agenda, and usually it is the big fellow, keeping the small fellow down at the expense of everyone, except the people donating to their next election.



Half the rules they have on the books in the US on Grey's that lobbied for the CITES rules were not about Greys, but rather how much money they could bring to their district on rider clauses to amendments.


They get to look like their for Greys (Or whatever animal is in the news) and get relected.



Ill tell you one thing, If Grey's were in charge, things would be different.

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I think the freeze amount is dependent on what state you live in, or so it appears. I'm vacillating on what to do, $60 to freeze all 3 for me and hubby, same to thaw if we buy a car or something. Ugh.


Kevin, I don't know how the structure works on the "fledging" so no help there.

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