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Hurricane refuges


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I know from past experience that many people on this forum don't pay any attention to any room besides the Grey Lounge. I've posted things that have gotten about zero attention in the more appropriate forums & re posted here w/completely different response.


So I hope the mods will forgive me for cross posting this message.


"It's very realistic to project that by this time next week there could be a swath of destrution from Corpus Christi to Raleigh.

With two hurricanes down, two hurricanes on deck & two months of hurricane season more to weather."




So many million people & animals are going to be affected by this. Not "may be", are going to need all the help that everyone else can give.


I hope lots of our members will find a way to help now & hopefully thru the rest of the year or longer. Every little bit makes a huge difference, especially in the long term. Everyone else will have forgotten long, long before these people can ever hope to rebuild their lives. Another part of the painful reality they're up against right now.


There is a list of Texas specific relief organizations in that link. But many are national & even international groups there. Especially for the critters. Please feel free to use this thread & that link to share a list of organizations who can be effective in the up coming wake of Harvey, Irma & who ever else Mother Nature intends to rain hell down on the coastal US this hurricane season.

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Hay birdhouse don`t worry about your cross posting as your intentions are from the heart with the best interest for all people and their companion pets. I have done the same thing myself.

We have many members in Texas that we worry about when it comes to them and their companion pets along with everyone in the path of devastation, and now it`s going too be the East Coast getting it.

Try to help anyway you can because you never know when we may be next.

We at the Grey Forums care for all, members or not.

Great post birdhouse.

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There is a lady in Key West needing help to get 50 Parrots out contact Anna at Macaw and cockatoo rescue of New Mexico for details or if you know anyone who can help.

[h=3]Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of NM located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico ...[/h]www.greenpeople.org/listing/Macaw-Cockatoo-Rescue-62574.cfm



Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of NM. Specializing in rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of all species of parrots. ( Member since December 2010. Listing ...

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Macaw & Cockatoo Rescue of NM Anna 505-994-0505


We live along the south coast of New England. Although they aren't as mean or as frequent as further south, hurricanes are a fact of our lives, too. The last one made landfall 10 miles from here. Meaning we were comparably lucky since we were on the dirty side but close enough to the eye to get the least damaged.



So when I say how badly I feel for what this weekend could bring, I mean it. I don't even know how you run away from this monster. But I hope everyone can find a way to stay safe.

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How can they turn someone away just because they don't meet carrier reg's? It's easy to think that's pretty heartless. But it's not necessarily & it's something everyone should plan for in advance. Especially those of us w/fids.


Pets owners may face rules in public, in transit & in housing that can make travel & especially evacuation displacement a further nightmare.


For everyone's sake, a travelling pet should have a secure mobile space even under normal circumstances. That will very often be their carrier. Something that will protect them from the very scary things they may encounter & to protect the humans who may be scared whenever they encounter them.


Too easy for things to horribly wrong otherwise. Owners who don't make safe, secure & comfortable containment a priority before they leave home may well end up risking themselves & their babies.






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Dozens wait in line at animal shelters to adopt a 'Harvey pet'




Palm Beach County evacuees fleeing Hurricane Irma left dogs tied up




I believe the karma for this, in both directions, is huge. jmho


When I get some time, I'd like to compile an extensive "disaster" list for a sticky. Meanwhile, here are some of the organizations referenced in the Florida article. Please consider sending them your admiration & support. Maybe even adopt one or two for the long term.
















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