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Hello, I'm new here.


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Hello, My name is Linda and I am owned by a 13 year old beautiful, smart and classy Congo African Gray named Abbie.

Every day is an adventure as all of you know, so every day is a new day to look forward to!

I've been reading the forums for a while, and see that this is a serious, knowledgeable, yet very friendly group.

I can't stress enough to new parrot owners, especially Gray owners how important it is to really know what their bird is all about, and what their bird is capable of learning and doing.

So much love is given by these amazing creatures!

They ask very little in return; all the more reason to know how to best take care of them, and appreciate them.

I could go on and on, but you all know the privilege we share in being owned by such a wonderful bird.

Take care,

Linda In CA

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I would also like to extend my welcome to the both of you to the Grey Forums.

That walnut-sized brain is one to behold and love as they work their way into your life and heart.

Oh yes, at what point do you lose control and they take over??

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