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yaheteech cage help


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hello to all i have been looking for a new cage for our green cheeks currently using a&e . saw these yaheeteech cages on line at diffrent places im trying to get some info as to what every thinks to if these are safe for our birds they are a little cheaper in price and im worried if these are safe to use do not want to purchase if there not good, so if i could get as much feed back on these cages that would be great. does any one else use these thank you so much for every ones help on this.

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Ditto here. But for one, they're all made in China now. So that alone doesn't count against a brand. And I've bought a fair amount of good & bad unbranded Chinese cages over the years.


However since it is a brand, maybe that counts as a plus. Although, there are a boat load of branded cages that stink, too. Sooo maybe, maybe not.


There is this for whatever it's worth




No clue who they are, either. So again, plus & minus brownie points.


I might give Amazon reviews more weight, just because I know them & find they're helpful, often. Amazon says the brand's been around for at least a couple of years & folks seem to like it for the most part.


If it were me, I think I might take my chances. Maybe pick up a lead test too, just to be on the safe side. Hope it helps.

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