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Theirs and yours

Ray P

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100_0060.jpgthis post is for the person that would like a companion parrot.

You will read a lot about doing lots of research when it comes to choosing a companion that may be around a long time.

It may be a Grey, Amazon or cockatiel or one of the many species that are available to you.

You check out size, species, are they a good family companion, what are their health issues just to name a few.

The one thing we here at the Grey forums want to see is a successful long term and a happy relationship with you and your new family member.

On this forum you will read about proper nutrition, housing social interaction, relationships and bonding.

Its important to look at ourselves also because we can suffer from a thing called allergies that could effect our long term relationship.

There are many types, pollen, dog hair and dander. Different species of parrots will have different degrees of dander, to name a few, African Greys, Cockatiels and Too`s are high dander parrots and if you are highly allergic to dander a grey may not be a good choice for you as this may become a health issue down the road and you may need to rehome your companion.

Amazons are a lower dander parrot but may not be the choice for a new parrot care taker or family.

There are many species of parrots to choose from so choose one that can come close to your lifestyle and one that slip into your routine so you both can have a long, happy and healthy union together.

some of my joys of life.




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So very true! I did not discover my dander allergies until it was too late. I sneeze a lot, Gracie and Kya mimic my sneezing, I take my Claritin, vacuum A LOT, and go on with life. I thought my allergies were just the normal allergies I always have, until we added a second. We have found ways to work around it - lots of misting, humidifier, and changing out the paper frequently and it seems as if we always have a dust buster or vacuum running, all supervised by the dynamic duo.


Would I change anything? Well, of course, I wish I wasn't allergic to dander, but people deal with allergies all of the time, for less important reasons. I may buy stock in Kleenex.

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I had my allergies re-tested last spring and came out severely allergic to my dynamic duo, Dorian and Jac the cat. He advised me to get rid of them. I advised him that wasn't an option, so we compromised on a nasel spray. I also should take stock in Kleenex!

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Love is the reason for our joy even when sneezing. My poor brother was diagnosed with allergic asthma when very young and after testing we were told to get rid of the cats, the birds and his feather pillow. Mother told the Dr. one does not get rid of family members so my brother had to take the allergy shots instead. We did get him a non-feather filled pillow.

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