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Hi all, I know that's its not good for are friends to eat mushrooms,and I don't give her any but should I be concerned as I was making spaggi sauce and she had a mushroom in her mouth and I got it but she did eat a little piece,before I got it from her.

Thanks if anyone can help.....

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Timber has also eaten one that I accidentally left in his portion when he was sharing dinner with us. Like Sterling, I try to pick the mushrooms out. But Timber is fine and didn't seem to suffer any ill effects. It's important to remember (though I don't know if this is true of mushrooms) that foods that are bad for them can have cumulative effects (salt and sugar come immediately to mind). So, if Timber eats a bit of those types of thing I know it won't kill him, but I also know that his digestive system doesn't work like mine and things can accumulate over time and causes damage.

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