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It's Halloween...


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I second that sentiment Judy and add my best wishes to agree with our forum friends that Grecie May is a happy, well loved and adventurous little soul. She is a character, no doubt due to her great relationship with a certain comedian living with her. Hahaha. Happy Birthday Greycie and thanks for the smiles too.

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/0\ /0\ \


/|:. .:|\


--`"" ""`---


Happy Birdday GreycieMae!! How cool to be born on Halloween. We see that you had a swingin' time, and hope that you got lots of treats among all the tricks your Daddy likes to play!



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Happy Hatchday Greyciemae! Apologies for taking this long to see this thread. But it's never too late to tell you that he doesn't even know what he's sayin right there. You are one of the most put together fids around. Hope you don't change a thing & keep on swinging & for the next 40-50 yrs or so!!

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