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African Greys now protected by CITES


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Yesterday, 95 countries agreed to include African Grey Parrots on the CITES list! Banning the capture, trade and commerce of wild African Greys. The World Parrot Trust was a large factor in this. All the online petitions, and several other groups, helped make this happen. A friend of mine is involved with the Trust, and called me last night with the news, from South Africa. How great is that!

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Its good news.......EXCEPT if you are trying to save one's life, it makes it all the more difficult. I guess in the big picture it is best for all of them, but its a HUGE pain in the back end to rescue one from garbage heap in a third world country.


That being said, its like you say hard to enforce, and sometimes in certain situations it can mean there death instead of protection.


I guess im not really sure where I fall on the argument.


Maybe, they should build into the law where you can bring your individual case before court or something.


All I know is if your not into trafficking and the black market, it makes it all the more harder to rescue one.


Its like the war on drugs, you will never win it.

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