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Colorado: Adopt a Bird -- Coffee Shop


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The Perch is a coffee and bird supply shop in Colorado Springs, that also is home to several birds who are up for adoption through a Denver based rescue organization. It is a great way for people to meet some of the birds, (they are not adopted from the shop itself, all adoptions go through the rescue org), or just spend time around the birds enjoying their company. They put on various educational meet and greets and have been well received in the community:



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What a great idea!


One time Kura went to school w/me on a Saturday when I had to do some computer lab work. She was quiet & cozy, mostly covered up in the plastic cat carrier. No one "bothered" me while I was working & I really thought everyone was too busy to even notice.


But the room suddenly emptied when I stepped out to take a break. Word spread thru the building about her & we must have had 25 people come & go thru the lounge in about 30 minutes. It was a kind of an eyeopener for me to hear how many had never even been around a budgie, let alone a parrot.


Kura couldn't have been a better birdie ambassador. She's a true beauty & she's usually a sweetheart. I was surprised how many people she let hold her. Everyone was instantly & totally smitten like forever!


That was just a random few minutes w/some stressed out students. So I really can imagine how a birdie coffee shop could be a hugely successful environment. Good on whoever thunk it up!! Now maybe they should think about franchising because they've apparently got market potential in OH, TX, MA & RI & that's w/o even trying. ")

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Oh gosh what a great place to visit. I just put Colorado Springs on my wish list for places to visit when my husband retires. This coming from a person with way too many miles behind her... and a firm... "I just want to stay home." Hahaha. Amazing what an online visit will inspire.

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