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Handfeeding?or young one?


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Hey guys!

My name is Oliver and i do have a tamed cockatiel that share its room with me and 2 lovebirds couples that breed and i do the handfeeding for the chicks

Since last week I am seriously looking into getting an additional parrot,an african grey congo parrot,and my only objective is to have a lovely tamed one.


So what first came to my mind is taking a chick that needs handfeeding and continue the handfeeding. So that to have chances on my side to have a super tamed and a bird that is not afraid of humans.


But I live in Lebanon,

and all pet stores who import african grey chick are wild unfortunately,and there is usually a high mortality rate of these ones..

If I want to take one,I am surely going to check for any sign of disease before buying him and going to take him to a veterinary check up and everything.What do you think? Are these birds

that sensitive? I have another choice is to get one between 3-6months that can eat by its own.My guess is that at this age they should be more hardy.Will getting the older ones(3-6months old) going to make the taming process much more difficult than the handfed ones?

I am a serious raiser,and I know that it is a big responsability and I am doing a lot of readings.

What do African Grey parrots think? I don't know these parrots well I am doing lots of reading :gray:

Thank you guys!

I appreciate all your help

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Please know that I've owned a wild caught grey for about 30 yrs. No judging, honest. But the reality is that supporting the wild bird trade really isn't a good thing from so many perspectives.



We have had other members from countries that import wild birds. I do realize that breeders can be pretty scarce. But if you look look for a while longer, you might still find one.

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Hand feeding and hand rearing early are no guarantee that your bird will grow into a tamed bird who enjoys being handled. Given the option, it would be better for you to wait and choose a bird who has been properly weaned, so that you don't have to worry about anything going wrong in the feeding process.


I have lived with older wild caught birds who under my care and with my love and respect for them, flourished and became incredibly gentle. I currently live with a TAG who came to us at age 2 who is a sweetheart. However, her first people got her as a hatchling, and helped hand feed her at her breeder's until they could bring her home. At age 2 she started biting the heck out of them. So they put her up for adoption and that is how she came to me. She would nip at my husband at first, but hasn't in at least 2 years and has never bitten me.


Much depends on the bird, on you, and on nature's dictates.


Wishing you the best of luck, and you have landed in a good place with lots of information and many varying opinions. :)

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