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Sterling-Ranch pigeons


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So mommy says GreycieMae is nothing but an over-priced pigeon. To that I say *pfffftttt*....



Anyway, I used to have a *real* pet pigeon, not just an over-priced hookbill pet pigeon. I found him marooned as a young squeaker on a little island in the middle of a stream underneath a bridge when I lived in San Antonio. No nest or parents to be found so I figured he must have floated down stream before I found him. I took him home, raised him up and he lived in our house. I built a little pigeon house just outside of our back door where he stayed during the day. He would fly partially to work with me (I rode a motorcycle) and would return during the day to his little house. He was a great little pet, I'll always remember him.


Fast forward about 30 years and now my wife has arranged to take me to a pigeon fanciers house not too far away from where we live. I guess all my ranting about wanting to fly pigeons around our barn finally wore off on her. So she takes me to this guys house that has probably 200 birds of different types. He showed me how his Iranian High Flyers will circle high above the house and finally come in for a landing. They typically will stay aloft for 2-4 hours. So I got to pick out 3 breeding pairs. These birds can never be flown as they will try to leave for home, and with no homing instinct will surely die looking. So the plan is to hatch out their offspring and start flying them next spring. Prepare yourselves for those videos.


Here's my birthday pigeons! Pair #3 are most likely not a pair. There has been no song & dance, no candlelight dinners etc. So the guy got it wrong on those two. One or the other will be getting exchanged.


Also, these are Iranian High Flyers and Pakistani High Flyers. Which is which I have no idea. Going to ask the guy when I exchange one of the third pair.



Pair #1:







Pair #2 ( my favorite pair. Can't wait to see babies out of these two ):








Pair #3 - most likely not a breeding pair. Maybe two males?







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The grey ones look so similar, will you band the offspring to be able to tell them apart or are you able to discern from behavior etc. which are the babies and which are the parents when the young are fully grown? I did notice with the black and white set, the markings are distinctive and one has black toenails etc. They are all beautiful. I'm a sucker for those iridescent colors on the darkest one of set three. There is something magical about allowing them to fly free and return home to you, or to follow you on your motorcycle etc. Your wife is exceptional and tuned in to the things that make your heart flutter. Well done in training her. Hahahaha.

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I probably will band them. All of this official pigeon business is new to me. There are several types of traps to use, ways to train them to loft fly and trap quick so they aren't hawk food. Apparently when they up flying a hawk pretty much has no chance. Their greatest danger is returning back to the loft so it's imperative to teach them not to linger outside. I like the black one too. I'll probably go back and get two more to match each one in the third set. So I'll have 8 pigeons vs 6.

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Now there is a wonderful idea. They are all beautiful, I like them all. I had no idea there was official pigeon business. LOL. The only ones I have seen are at the airport. I always wonder if they are trying to discover a path to stow away and get back to their homes somewhere. :) It will be interesting to follow along and see how your hatchlings do in training. Are there competitions and such in Texas for pigeons or is it more of a solitary hobby?

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I certainly get that it would be a leap of faith to open that cage for the first time. We have hawks that make me fear for my 10 lb dogs and when I see a shadow flash through the back yard it will make my heart skip a beat. When you lovingly tend your pigeons, watch the young hatch and grow, they become part of you. The fact that you have happy memories of your pigeon following you on your motorcycle tells me that when your babies take flight and come home to you that the thrill of them doing what they are meant to do will give you such happiness and strength to hold your breath and let them take flight. Kind of like our kids when they find their way without us. There will be so many new experiences with your pigeons, I hope for all good flights and homecomings.

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Now there is a wonderful idea. They are all beautiful, I like them all. I had no idea there was official pigeon business.

Oh, you haven't seen Mike Tyson with his pigeons then! LOL There was a documentary on Netflix about him and his pigeons...it was actually fascinating and also kind of endearing seeing how much he really loves them and his passion for them. Pigeons are big business. Really!


Congrats on your new pigeons, Sterling...how exciting:D

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