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How do you tell where your parrot came from with leg band? TRM AL


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The leg band is usally just something a breeder uses. There is no registry or anyplace to find out what the numbers and or letters mean, it's pretty random. Open vs closed band ..closed meaning it was put on when it was a baby. I had all my bands removed from our vet and I keep them in a safe place.. I have heard too many tragic stories of birds getting them caught on something in their cage and they're owners coming home later in the day to having found a horrible scene...:(

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Talon is right. Leg bands are for breeders to identify the lineage of a particular bird. Unless that breeders records are used, the numbers & letters tell anyone nothing. She is also right to cut them off, BY A VETERINARIAN. Of the many birds that have passed through my rescue, I have always had leg bands removed. Particularly after seeing several birds without feet or legs from bands getting caught on things.

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