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Julys Amazons of the month

Ray P

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Lesser known Amazons Parrots.

The Festive and Bodinis Amazons.

These Amazons were the most common imported parrots in Europe during the 1800, but the Festive and Bodinis Amazons are still uncommon in the United States.

About 14 inches in length they are stocky birds with a wide postural stance. Although they are considered to be one of the best talking parrots, they are not well known in aviculture or commonly kept as companions. This is most likely because they are not as flashy as some of the better known Amazons. They have a rather flat head with a band of red or marron on their forehead that runs to their eyes. This makes some people perceive that they have a ticked-off expression. They also have a bluish color in their eyes and above and behind their eyes. Their most distinguishing feature is their red back and rump that can be best seen in flight.

Many Festive and Bondinis caregivers will brag about their amazons talking abilty even with their breeding birds.

The Festive and Bondinis Amazons are my choice for Julys Amazon of the month.

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This set me off for an hour or more following links, looking at pictures and reading about the Festive and Bodini Amazons Ray. They are beautiful. Some day I may travel to Colombia with my grandson to see his paternal grandmother there. I would love to see this Amazon in the wild. Thanks Ray!

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