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How you know you done good


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When I first contemplated getting another Grey, we were worried about the possibility that the Grey I got would eventually chose someone and be a one-person bird. I of course wanted that someone to be me. I mean that's all you read about Greys. My first Grey was not a one-person bird, but that was before Grey's invented the internets and put forth that silly little rumor about Greys.


Now a days, my Grey, Miss GreycieMae, spends most of her free time, the time not spent being the Sterling-Ranch aviary warden, sitting on Daddy's shoulder and working on Daddy's bike, Daddy's computer, Daddy's whatever he's doing.


I have two 'other' girls in my house, wife, daughter. I have noticed increasingly that as they walk by and I'm sitting in my chair, my Grey gets softly snatched off my shoulder and carried to wherever the girl see's fit to take my Grey.


This post was prompted by just such an occasion. I'm sitting here at my computer watching a video on how to solder a sensor battery back into a power control unit before I head back into the garage, and all of a sudden, my Grey is missing. Snatched and taken away, now singing happily in the shower with Mommy, and tossing hangers from the shower curtain rod.


I do believe I have a well adjusted Grey.

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Miss GreycieMae has you just where she wants you and I do believe she is tinkering with your heart. Be careful which videos you let her watch, she might make you "well adjusted". Bwahahaha.. She is a real gem. Your whole family is involved and smitten with her. What a great set up.

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Love this, Sterling! My first grey was not a one person bird either. He was apparently was an equal opportunity biter and attacker before he came to live with myself and my son (he was wild caught, and horribly abused when we took him in). Once he settled in, he would easily go with/to either one of us as well as with friends who came to visit once proper introductions were made. He turned out to be a complete sweetibird.


HRH Inara her first couple of years with us, preferred me and would nip at my Joe when he would handle her. Now, he is her as Ray would say, her "love muffin." She still is predominantly attached to/with me, but adores being out with "Big Bird," in the mornings, while he has his tea and reads on his laptop. She flies from her perch over onto him, crawls up his arm to his shoulder and chats with him and helps him read the news. When he comes home, she whistles for him and says, "You will come out me, see Big Bird?" So he goes and gets her for a quick walk about. She tells him, "Bye bye to work, love you." in the mornings as he leaves and cheerfully goes to him from her cage and will seek him out when she's out. He is her buddy.


Since we have a hooman empty nest, we don't really have anyone else for her to practice with as we also don't have many visitors that are not intimidated at the thought of having a parrot passed over to them in a hand off.... lol :)


I too, had never heard that Greys were one person birds before the Interwebs.

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I also had Corky long before I had my first computer and read all about them.

She is extremely bonded to me, my wife and son. The people she won`t go to are the same people I do not like so she has good taste.

She has traveled all over the U.S. with us and has stayed in motels ,hotels, campers friends homes and relatives homes and is not afraid of new places or things.

She is family and is never left behind.

My Amazon Cricket also did not fit the mold of Amazons.

My favorite saying is.

You can take the best person or thing in the world and if you look hard you can find something bad about them or it.

You can take the worst person or thing in the world and if you look hard you can find something good about them or it.

What you find depends on what you are looking for.

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