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New Panama Amazon


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I would like to introduce my newest addition to the family. I adopted a panama amazon that is 32 years old. She is absolutely adorable. I never thought i could take in older birds but she has totally proven me wrong. When i picked her up they were handling her with a stick. She sits on my shoulder and gives kisses and is just as sweet as can be.

2014-02-21 18.04.12.jpg

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Amazons are great companions and will give great joy.

I found out 5 years ago not to believe all the bad things you hear about them.

Her name please so I can add her to the honored amazons of the grey forum list.

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It is so amazing when one connects with a bird. When i received the email from the lady and look over some of the details, i figured i will go and take a look but wont bring her home.

Well the moment i laid my eyes on her i just knew i had to have her. I feel so complete having her in my life.

Us crazy bird people well oh i guess we just need to stick together. Strangers just dont get it.

Thanks you all for welcoming her home and to the group. We will share our pictures and day to day with you all.

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