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This is what happens when you leave them alone


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Whatever you do, don't step out of the kitchen and leave fresh whipped cream on the other side of the counter. I'm sure Greycie took the short cut and flew across the kitchen to get to the goods but lil Toby probably made the mad sprint all the way around the countertop, across the stove and slid into home base.


I was outside and came in and this is what I saw. The head chef was missing.



IMAG0750 (Small).jpg


IMAG0751 (Small).jpg


IMAG0749 (Small).jpg

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This thread has made me have the biggest smile. It also brought back memories from when we first got Java. She got real quiet and we found her looking very much like Toby but she was tail up in an open jar of peanutbutter. Sometimes the unexpected brings the greatest enjoyment. Thanks for the smiles.

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