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Ray P

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For the people and their companions that live on the East coast, north east and the mid west the south and all over this country, Its been a long, long cold winter. The extra demands on our time just to get through this winter has eaten away at the time we spend with our loved birds along with forum time that we have lost.

Today I am off work, the sun is out, my wife and son went out to do some shopping and I am left at home alone with my birds.

All my birds were out this morning and are now back in there cage except for Cricket who has taken my absence hardest, Also this winter has taken up a good share of my forum time.

So today it`s catch up time and as I type this Cricket is on my shoulder playing with my ear and preening herself. She seams so relaxed as she is standing flatfooted on my shoulder making her amazon noise. She has been on my shoulder for an hour and a half and has made no signs of wanting to leave, and that's ok because that gives more forum time. Cricket is looking over my shoulder as if she can read what I am saying about her and making her soft sounds.

I love these times with her as she gives her affection freely and enjoys them as much as I do.

When you bond with a amazon, The bond is real and very special, and Cricket has extended this bond to the family.

So spring is on its way and I know we are all looking forward to it. I know I am, to spend more time with my fids and to spend more time with my forum friends.

So Come On Good Weather.

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Aww. Can't wait for some relief from this minus single digit weather...I have been an empty nester this week. MY kids are all away. :( My birds have been especially cuddly. Nilah of course is with me on my hand, shoulder leg wherever she can get on me constantly...


Ray, there is nothing like it...when I get home and get the birds out of their cages, I walk like a human tree with them all perched on me into the kitchen, Talon & Rikki will get off and go onto their tree stands or perches, but Nilah will stay on my shoulder, rub her head over and over against my cheek, and say oooohh over and over ...just love her!

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There must be a turn in the weather that even though I am in the south, I am so enjoying a day of sunshine and a better outlook for getting the chill out of my home. The thoughts of you having a quiet respite to catch up with Cricket, Corky and all of your forum friends just warms my heart as well.

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