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My new IPhone and FaceTime


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So recently, my sweet daughter has moved away from home for a fantastic job to another state 12 hours away...:( that's a whole other topic. And in my house, there are 4 of us with cell phones, 2 have iphones, and 2 have samsung galaxy S3. Last week 2 of my sons had birthdays, to share in the fun, my youngest son used Facetime on his iphone so his sister could share in the birthday cake and presents via her iPhone. I was just blown away with it, sooo much better than skype, and we all had a blast! So I had to have an iPhone as well just for that purpose. I added a line to my account and got my iPhone today. So I dialed up my daughter on FaceTime, and chatted a bit, then I turned my phone towards Nilah my amazon, she took one look at my daughter and instantly started playing the game she plays only with my daughter! their game is Nilah says, "hello world!.." and my daughter says, "this is Nilah." they do this back and forth, and then Nilah says to her "hi talon" something she only says to my daughter. Her eyes were

Pinning and she was clucking with excitement like she does.

I then took the phone to Rikki and she cooed at her and watched her talk to her, she also whistled at my daughter . Then Talon, she whistled and made the sounds she only does around my daughter.

I tried it with my dogs who adore my daughter, they didn't even notice her. I was amazed at how my birds saw her and tried to communicate with her! I was just amazed at that fact and wanted to share it.


We will be doing lots of FaceTime with the birds, me and my daughter. It really makes the distance and missing her much easier.

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Happy happy joy joy! In the past year or so, both of my daughters moved to Texas and are starting careers far far away from us. I have not gotten the hang of face time, but you make me want to try it again. It makes me smile from ear to ear to think of Nilah playing their special game over the phone. Also for her brothers to get involved and stay close to their sister. I am in awe of how all of you use the facetime. It has to be wonderful for you and your family. And to KimKim, thanks for sharing. My thoughts are with you as well as your share a little piece of home with your husband. What an amazing way to keep you all together in your hearts.

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Thanks everyone, and I was very interested to learn that about dog, I was never aware of that fact, that explains a lot!




YES, please do try it again! Even tho we text all day, and talk on the phone, I never realized how little it compares to actually seeing my daughters face and talking as tho we were in the same room! It can really fill the void you have when missing your loved ones.




I am so happy you are able to use it with your husband, although it's not the same as having them physically home, it sure helps fill that loss a little bit and makes such a huge difference. IT is priceless to mE and worth every penny I pay for the extra phone.

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What a fantastic story. Being the somewhat of a little old lady that I am (although a netizen from way back) I've never lost my enchantment with how "Star Trek-y" we have become in just a few short years. A looong way from the first video cams on dail up connections. The "Hello world," chat just made me smile from ear to ear. Wonderful!!

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Night 2, and we had the same outcome...Nilah heard her voice and started up again trying to get to the phone. My daughter has Piper with her, and Nilah was a bit confused as to why Piper took the spot of my daughters face, but then she continued with her conversations with my daughter wjen she came back onto the phone. Talon & Rikki then flew over and started to join in the fun with their whistles to her.

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