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Inara Whispering


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A couple of weeks ago, I began whispering to Inara, and she loves whispering back. She picked it up immediately and we have a lot of fun whispering back and forth. She's usually very camera shy, but is beginning to warm up if it's quite a way from her.


Her latest fascination is with the squirrel who comes to visit in the morning on the back deck. She will give a hiss at him. From time to time, we'll be standing together near the window, and she will turn her fact to mine and give a hiss, as if to remind me to be careful about the squirrel.


What turned out very interesting in this snippet of conversation, is that she connected squirrel with tree. She has never even used the word tree before. I was stunned at "What shall we do, I'll be good." She apparently has put that together all by herself and has never said that before.


We chat back and forth all day long, whether just being silly and nonsensical, or whether having serious conversations. The whispering cracks me up.


Does anyone else whisper with your birds?


Off to see the squirrel,

Inara's Human

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What an entertaining video of Inara. I must say, Dayo enjoyed watching and listening to this as well. I have whispered with him advising that "Shhhh, Mommy is still sleeping so we must be quiet" for the last year or so. While watching this video when it became normal volume at times he would say "Shhhhh, be quiet" in response to it. Thanks for sharing this. :)

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It's so fun to know that others whisper too! Michellec, we got Inara's cage from http://www.getbirdstuff.com, and it is this model. It is stainless steel, and I love how easy it is to clean. It also disassembles and folds up in just a few minutes, in case of a dire emergency (we live in a mountain forest, and evacuation due to fire is always a possibility). Inara is a TAG and she has tons of room in this cage.

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